COVID-19 Updates

Mail order is operating as normal, however some deliveries can be subject to courier delays.


 Customer Service is only currently available via email as there is no-one in the store to answer the phone. Our social media staff do not have access to order details and will direct you to email


As of Friday July 10th in line with Government instructions, all customers will be required to wear a face covering to shop in our stores. Your face covering must fit securely and cover both your nose and mouth at all times.

Obviously, there are going to be changes to how we operate and these also are subject to change as we attempt to make things work in this new crazy world that is emerging.

During busy periods, there may be a need to queue outside the store and hope you will understand this is for everyone’s safety.

As you are aware, our stores have a small interior footprint and the responsibility of adhering to social distancing is on both us and our customers. With this in mid we have altered our interior layout’s slightly to make social distancing possible and will have arrows on the floor to indicate 2 metre distancing and direction of movement arrows to help you move around the new one way system in our stores.

Staff will be adhering to the two-metre rule of interaction with you and will be changing PPE as often as required along with regular handwashing. Antibacterial hand sanitizer will be available for customers use as they enter the store and we encourage you to make use of this on entry and exit.

On entry staff will greet you, ask you how they can help and then if required show you to the products you are interested in.

At each till we have fitted a Perspex screen to protect both our staff and customers. We would ask you to pay via Contactless payment or card where you are able to.

Opening times will be reduced to allow us to familiarise ourselves with this new way of working.

Parnie Street and Static Games will be closed on Sundays.

Opening hours are as below  

Monday 10-6 Monday 11-5 Monday 11-5
Tuesday 10-6 Tuesday 11-5 Tuesday 11-5
Wednesday 10-6 Wednesday 11-5 Wednesday 11-5
Thursday 10-6 Thursday 11-5 Thursday 11-5
Friday 10-6 Friday 11-5 Friday 11-5
Saturday 10-6 Saturday 11-5 Saturday 11-5
Sunday 10-6 Sunday CLOSED Sunday CLOSED

If you have any questions then feel free to ask, but please be aware that regulations are constantly changing. We may not have an answer for you straight away or even a definite answer. It is all a learning experience and we hope you are sympathetic to this and help us to make our re-opening a success by adhering to our new and potentially changing policy.

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